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Sacred Heart School is a Catholic Elementary School accredited by the State of New York. It serves approximately 230 boys and girls from Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. Sacred Heart admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin.


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Philosophy and Educational Objectives: 

Founded in 1953, we are a learning community dedicated to providing children with a comprehensive and challenging pre-kindergarten through grade eight education. Working for the benefit of each student, we implement New York State and New York Archdiocesan curricula, strive to live and impart the teachings of Christ, develop the skills of independent life-long learning, and promote peace and citizenship through character education.  We strive to build Community through fellowship in the life of the Holy Spirit and instill within the students a spirit of cooperation by encouraging service to the world community 


Classroom teachers discuss specific grade-level curriculum at our annual Back-to-School parent assembly. The following is a summary of our curriculum: 

Pre-K:  Curriculum content and student activities are developmentally appropriate attending to the needs of the whole-child. Free-play, small group and whole-class activities provide students with opportunities to develop cognitive, sensory, physical, and socio-emotional skills. Programming for older 4s includes readiness activities for kindergarten.  

Kindergarten:  While play still supports the work of children at this age, structured literacy development is basic to the Kindergarten curriculum. Using the Letter People program, the first half of Kindergarten is dedicated to letter-sound identification and lower-case letter formation. The second half of the academic year focuses on phonetic and sight word reading. Number literacy focuses upon acquiring the knowledge of one-to-one correspondence, creating groups to 10, and counting up to 20. Science, social studies, and health are integrated into the curriculum.  

Grades 1 through 4 - The development of literacy skills is essential to growth in all curriculum areas; 90-120 minutes of each instructional day is given to the study of English Language Arts. Learning in all other major subjects - Religion, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies-is supported by the foundational skills learned through the English Language Arts. Students participate in individual and cooperative learning experiences.  

Grades 5 through 8 – Our intermediate grades are departmentalized for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. All other instructional subjects, Religion, additional Reading, Spelling, and Penmanship are instructed through the homeroom. Building upon a firm foundation in the English Language Arts literacy instruction revolves around the components of reading comprehension, fluency, and interpretation at an intermediate grade level. Techniques such as read alouds, shared and guided reading, reader’s theater, and literature circles engage students in different genres. Student skills in scientific methodology are developed through labwork and other hands-on activities.  

A note on assessing Student Progress: While recognizing that assessment is essential to guiding instruction, monitoring and validating student progress, and providing remediation and enrichment, Sacred Heart School encourages students to measure their academic growth along a continuum of personal best. 


Our full-time faculty and administrative team is comprised of ten full-time teachers, a principal, a school secretary, and a nurse. The nurse’s services are provided by the local school district. Ninety percent of our full-time faculty hold advance degrees and permanent New York State Teacher Certification. One-half of our full-time faculty has celebrated 15 or more years of service to the school.   Our student body benefits from this continuity and teacher dedication. Our teachers have secured competitive Teachers’ Center grants adding equipment to our elementary-level science lab.  

Our principal holds advanced degrees in education and New York State certifications in teaching in N-6, 7-12 and certification in administration and supervision.  

Our adjunct teaching staff provides our students with instruction in art, computer technology, library skills, music, and physical education and Spanish. All of these instructors have earned college degrees and several have advanced degrees. 

Student Activities 

The children of Sacred Heart participate in many activities throughout the school year. Some are school-wide while others are by class, teams, or in small groups.  Here is a sample of our school, parish, and community activities: 

Altar Servers

Boys’ & Girls’ Varsity and Junior Varsity Basketball Teams

Boys’ & Girls’ lower elementary grade Basketball clinics

Boys’ Baseball and Girls’ Softball

Boy and Girl Scouts

Class Trips

Art, Career, and Curriculum Fairs

Mission Month Projects

School Assemblies

Service Projects

Sacred Heart Parents’ Club school events


TO LEARN MORE ABOUT SACRED HEART SCHOOL visit our DOAS on the Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools website.  Go to: www.ces-msa.org  click onto DOAS then input our school name (Sacred Heart School) and our zip code (10530).